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An efficient engine is a well lubricated engine, and placing an incorrect grade of oil or an incorrect oil filter can have serious engine performance issues. The internal components of the engine need to be constantly lubricated, specially in high speeds.


Do not place just any oil or filter in your engine. Have our certified technicians bring their personal touch with our oil change service, and have the peace of mind to know that your car is operating 100% efficiently.

Keep your engine cool and efficient

High mileage oil changes

Elk Grove Tire services provides premium oil changes for virtually any make or model cars. It is important that you change your oil according to your car's specified maintenance schedule. Whether you need an oil change, a new air filter, or a state inspection, stop on by!

  • Engine oil and filter replacement

  • Top off fluids as need

  • Tire pressure adjustment

  • Full service auto care

Full service oil change


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